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    Job Summary

    Credit Direct Limited a leading innovation-driven financial services company based in Lagos, Nigeria with branches spread across the Country. We pioneered the unsecured micro-lending space in Nigeria and are positioned to be the dominant market leader in the Country and beyond.

    • Minimum Qualification: Degree
    • Experience Level: Mid level
    • Experience Length: 2 years

    Job Description

    Job Objectives:

    • Design, develop and manage processes responsible for reporting, planning, forecasting and providing analytical support for the company’s?daily cash management.


    • REPORTS TO: Finance, Operations Transaction and Corporate Planning Division
    • SUPERVISES: Financial Controller o Treasury Analyst


    • Divisional and Department Heads, and Employers

    Job Description:


    • Analyze interest income, interest expense and cash discrepancies while assisting with?the creation, analysis and maintenance of long term rolling cash forecasts and?restaurant cash and credit card discrepancies monthly and prepare reports for senior?management.
    • Monitor line of credit activity and assist with maintenance as needed.
    • Manage letters of credit portfolio, working with Risk Services to establish annual letter?of credit amounts and banks to adjust amounts as needed.
    • Perform SOX control testing as needed, and review Treasury SOX documentation?(quarterly and annually) and revise where appropriate.
    • Liaise with IT and other Finance functions to maintain and update Treasury systems?and data. Maintain treasury accounts system(s) including managing data retrieval and?imports, rules maintenance and troubleshooting.
    • Periodically analyze investments and monitor financial risk ratios to ensure returns?match risk and are in line with company investment policy.
    • Participate on various project teams as required.
    • Assist with daily Treasury activities as needed, performing daily sales reconciliations,?and assisting with refund processes and charge-backs response as needed.
    • Develop and implement initiatives to maximize cash flow
    • Coordinate and track outstanding bonds, potential repurchases, etc.

    Strategy, Management & Business Continuity:

    • Set and implement the vision and strategy for the unit in alignment with the corporate?goals.
    • Develop and manage the budget for the division.
    • Provide/present formal report of activities and achievements of the division monthly to?the Financial Controller.
    • Establish and attend meetings as needed to ensure timely reporting of financial?information to the Financial Controller.
    • Participate in internal meetings or committees to provide advice on financial data.
    • Establish a system of knowledge management to capture, store, transfer and retrieve?work done within the division for posterity and business continuity.
    • Support the preparation for and response to audits and ensure that any audit findings?are appropriately responded to and remediated.

    People Management:

    • Provide direction and clarify responsibilities for team members.
    • Communicate effectively with team members and ensure that they are accurately and?promptly informed as required.
    • Ensure team cohesiveness and effectiveness within the division. Ensure a seamless?handshake with the processes and teams of other divisions.
    • Ensure employee engagement within the unit.

    Key Performance Indicator:

    • TAT on Customer Requests
    • Investment Income Performance
    • Interest Expense Mgt to Budget
    • Launch of &quot;Invest It&quot; within timeframe
    • TAT for Audited Fin. Statement (draft and final)
    • # regulatory infractions regularized within TAT
    • # of Cost Saving Initiatives Implemented
    • % Training Evaluation
    • (Internal) Customer Feedback

    Competence Requirement:


    • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Analytical Skills
    • Financial Management
    • Attention to Details
    • Underwriting &amp; Loan Management
    • Time Management
    • Organisation
    • Database Management
    • Data Analytics
    • Numerate


    • Self-Assured, Confident and Assertive
    • Relationship Management (including collaboration &amp; teamwork)
    • Effective Communication Skills
    • Continuous Learning &amp; Improvement

    Application & Technology:

    • Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
    • Mambu
    • Navision
    • Crelend
    • Mosulend

    Work Conditions:

    • A typical work environment in financial services.


    • Educational Qualification:A first degree is required

    Desired Experience/ Knowledge

    • At least 2 years’ experience in a similar role within the Financial services industry.
    • Knowledge of operational principles and practices, regulatory environment and policies.

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