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    Team Lead, Internal Control and Compliance

    Job Summary

    Credit Direct Limited a leading innovation-driven financial services company based in Lagos, Nigeria with branches spread across the Country. We pioneered the unsecured micro-lending space in Nigeria and are positioned to be the dominant market leader in the Country and beyond.

    • Minimum Qualification: Degree
    • Experience Level: Senior level
    • Experience Length: 6 years

    Job Description

    Job Objectives:

    • Direct the control, compliance and governance function of the business and ensure that all units adhere to the operational policies of the company to mitigate financial and non-financial risks that may crystallize.


    • REPORTS TO: Control, Compliance, and Governance (CCG), Head, Control, Compliance &?Governance
    • SUPERVISES: Internal Control Officers (State)


    • Divisional and Department Heads, Regulators, Auditors, Law Enforcement?Agencies

    Job Responsibilities:

    Internal Control

    • Oversee the branch compliance activities in the company.
    • Reconcile all company’s correspondent internal accounts promptly
    • Drive total compliance with the company’s procedural manual.
    • Develop strategies and guidelines to drive efficiency in service delivery and processes by monitoring required procedures, TAT and SLA, to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Develop strategic policy change to mitigate fraud and improve the?control environment.


    • Design and develop compliance policies and procedures and manage the implementation of same across the company.
    • Supervise and drive the regular communication of KYC regulatory requirement to all staff.
    • Oversee and coordinate activities (such as training, awareness program, KIP) to facilitate compliance culture within the company.
    • Liaise with regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies on compliance issues for the business to avoid actions that could lead to loss of its operating license.

    Key Performance Indicators:?

    • Number of undetected internal policy &amp; procedure infractions
    • Number of major exceptions from internal audit, external audit, regulatory reports
    • Undetected income leakage arising from undetected processing errors
    • Accuracy, timeliness and completeness of report
    • Overall internal audit rating
    • % of audit plan completed
    • Number of outstanding recommendations from audits
    • # of Cost Saving Initiatives Implemented?
    • % Training Evaluation
    • (Internal) Customer Feedback

    Competence Requirement:


    • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Analytical Skills
    • Effective Communication Skills
    • In-depth organizational knowledge
    • Investigation
    • Legal Jurisprudence
    • Risk Management
    • Forensics
    • Data Analysis


    • Leadership, Influencing and Negotiation
    • Mentoring and Supervisory
    • Continuous Learning & Improvement
    • Self-Assured, Confident and Assertive
    • Integrity/Honesty
    • Attention to Detail
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Accountable
    • Ethical

    Applications & Technology:

    • Microsoft Word, Excel and?PowerPoint
    • Mambu
    • Navision
    • HR Flex
    • Crelend
    • Mosulend
    • Nimble X

    Work Conditions:

    • A typical work environment in financial services.
    • Requires periodic travel to branch locations across the country.

    Job Specification:

    Educational Qualification

    • A first degree is required; Master’s degree as added advantage but not compulsory.

    Professional Qualification


    Desired Experience/Knowledge

    • At least 6 years of successful risk and compliance experience in financial services?industry. Good knowledge of consumer lending is required.
    • Knowledge of regulatory environment and policies and Basel III is optional.

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