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    PSC Solar Industries Limited

    IT / e-Commerce Sales Manager/Graphic Artist

    Job Summary

    Multinational Energy company seeks experienced IT /e-Commerce Sales Manager/Graphic artist for its Lagos, Nigeria offices.

    • Minimum Qualification: OND
    • Experience Level: Mid level
    • Experience Length: 3 years

    Job Description

    • The successful candidate will manage the IT department and be responsible for promoting the brand via all available digital media.
    • Our E-commerce Managers will develop and carry out strategic online marketing plans for our group of companies.
    • As such, you will need to stay current with the online marketing environment and adapt strategies to best serve the interests of this organization and to keep pace with the competition in this field.
    • Our E-commerce Managers often are heavily involved with our companies’ websites, particularly advertising and content elements.
    • Given the 24/7 nature of online shopping, our E-commerce Managers may work irregular hours and be on call to handle any issues that arise.
    • You will often collaborate with content developers, fellow businesses and customers.
    • You will generally be in charge of our organization’s e-commerce division and report to upper management.

    General duties will include website design, Graphic design, market research, budgeting, interviewing and training new recruits, supervising the e-commerce division, social media advertising and online marketing etc.

    Experience in Software programming will be EXTREMELY helpful but not required.

    Job Details:
    • The E-commerce Managers will be primarily responsible for overseeing and managing the e-commerce department of PSC SOLAR UK with a significant online AND SOCIAL MEDIA presence.
    • You will handle decision-making for the website, social media accounts, and online advertising.
    • You will also be responsible for research and development of new online marketing strategies, and for hiring and training the rest of the E-commerce division.

    Website Design:

    • The e-commerce Manager will be responsible for determining the format and features of the website in order to maximize clarity and ease of navigation for customers.?
    • You will liaise with the Web designers to develop and alter the website as needed.

    Research and Development

    The E-commerce Manager will keep abreast of new developments in the e-marketing world. You will also research the company’s core demographics and how to best reach them, in order to maximize search engine traffic and the effect of the company’s targeted ad buys.

    Project Development and Presentation :

    • The E-commerce Manager will liaise directly with upper management and present their plans for any new advances or initiatives to improve the company’s online presence and e-sales.
    • Set up and monitor E-commerce sales platforms
    • Create Graphic art for online digital and Social media advertising
    • Develop Mobile Apps(iPhone, Ipad, Android etc),
    • Web Development (Php, Wordpress,Java, Joomla, Zend, Cake Php, Codeigniter),
    • Web designing (PSD, LOGOS, Banners, Images, Graphic and CMS options)
    • eCommerce Development (osCommerce, Magento,Open Cart, Zen Cart etc) ,
    • Digital marketing (SEO,SMO,PPC,SMM etc).

    You will

    • Monitor and promote PSC SOLAR UK in all relevant internet advertising and social media sites
    • Planning and preparing Sales presentations,
    • Represent PSC SOLAR UK at Sales Exhibitions all over Africa
    • Communicating new product developments to prospective new clients and old customers
    • Overseeing the development of marketing literature and advertising.
    • Develop and manage independent sales distributors all over Africa
    • Manage the sales activities at all PSC SOLAR OWNED offices in Africa


    • An ideal candidate for the E-commerce Manager position is an organized, analytical person with strong technical skills.?
    • You will be able to multitask effectively and be able to problem-solve when needed. Our E-commerce Manager will be able to successfully manage a team of people and delegate tasks based on skills. They must be creative, pragmatic and eager to learn.?
    • Communication: Expertly written and verbal communication is key to getting ideas across.
    • Technical Understanding: A strong grasp of modern technology and social media is essential to the job of an E-commerce Manager.
    • An expert understanding of spreadsheets, databases, financial analysis, website design, search engine optimization, and e-marketing strategy will be key to fulfilling the many functions of the job.
    • Flexibility: The job of an E-commerce Manager is unpredictable. Candidates must be willing to work long, irregular hours when needed. The market changes quickly, and new developments may require a quick overhaul of the company’s strategy. Thus, the ideal candidate will be able to change strategies and rethink conventional wisdom at any time.
    • Professionalism:??The Ecommerce Manager will be required to oversee a team, meet with clients and designers, and present to superiors. As such, a professional approach in dress and speaking ability will be essential for success.

    Minimum Qualification?

    • ND, HND or Bsc.?
    • 3 years Minimum Experience as Graphic artist, e-commerce sales, IT Management.
    • Proven online and Social media advertising and sales experience
    • Extensive Graphic design knowledge, Digital marketing (SEO, SMO, PPC,SMM etc) etc
    • Proven Proficiency with social media advertising.
    • Expertise with new business development
    • Experience with writing blogs etc
    • Ability to follow simple instructions.

    Salary :

    N145,000 - N250,000 Per Month

    Free Catered LUNCHES and?N100,000 Yearly housing allowance.?

    Availability: Immediate

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