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    Job Summary

    We are looking for an efficient, courteous cashier who possesses excellent customer service skills. The cashier will scan the customer selection, ensure that prices and quantities are accurate, accept payments, issue receipt, answer inquiries and provide helpful information to customers on products

    • Minimum Qualification: OND
    • Experience Level: Entry level
    • Experience Length: 1 year

    Job Description

    • Operating scanners, scales, cash register, and other electronics
    • Answering customer questions and helping them locate items
    • Balancing the cash register and generating reports for credit and debit sales
    • Accepting payments, ensuring all prices and quantities are accurate and providing a receipt to every customer.
    • Bagging or wrapping purchases to ensure safe transportation
    • Maintaining a clean workspace


    • National Diploma in Accounting
    • Customer service or Cashier experience
    • Familiar with inventory software
    • Attention to detail.
    • Resident in Lagos.

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    | Full Time |
    NGN 400,000 - 600,000
    | Full Time |
    NGN Confidential
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